Join the Freedom Movement

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a movement in this country that has been growing rapidly for quite awhile now. It’s generally called the freedom movement. It’s not really a movement, but more of a reawakening. Millions of people are noticing, rightly, that we are not as free as we’ve been programmed to think. Taxes are high and everything is taxed, there’s a law, rule or regulation for everything, it’s a virtual police state. If we want to be truly free it must come from the bottom up, it will never come from the top down. The only thing that needs to happen is for the idea of freedom to be reawakened and take hold in the minds of the people. I mean real freedom, not the bumper sticker variety.

What do we do? Think about freedom, talk about freedom. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Have you ever noticed that when people are in a group situation like a classroom, nobody wants to be the first to say anything, but after one person speaks up everyone begins speaking up. Be that first person. Teach your children about what freedom actually means. Get your children out of the government schools if you can. Turn off and tune out the mainstream media programming.

Seek out like minded individuals on the internet and in your community. If you haven’t done that yet, you’ll be surprised at how many people are speaking out about freedom. On the internet, it’s everywhere. There are multiple yearly festivals dedicated to spreading the idea of freedom. Festivals like Libertopia, Freedom Fest, Porcfest.

Question your government. There is a lot to question. Perpetual war, Bank and other large corporation bailouts, The TSA, Guantanamo bay and torture, The president’s self proclaimed right to assassinate people(kill list), The government’s self proclaimed right to detain citizens without charges or due process(NDAA), The patriot act, excessive taxation, The drug war, countless welfare programs, government manipulation and distortion of markets, The National debt, trillion dollar budget deficits, government spying on citizens, having the highest incarceration rates in the world, government subsidies for special interest groups, unaccountable bureaucracies and czars, The government school system, having a military bigger than all other nations combined, The IRS, the list could go on and on. If any or all of those things anger you, it’s time to seek the truth. The links on my “links to liberty” page will get you started.

For those who believe in freedom, or think they do, the following youtube video is from a speaker who is saying things you are probably thinking.

A moral dilemma

What would you do? There are a lot of people out of work who also can’t get government assistance. What are they supposed to do? So here’s where the dilemma comes in. You’ve got some work for someone, but you can’t afford to pay minimum wage plus all the government requirements for hiring, such as social security match, unemployment insurance, payroll tax, etc. You can afford to pay $5 an hour total, but hiring at $5 an hour is illegal. If this person doesn’t have a way to make money and can’t get government assistance, he may starve. Do you obey the law and not hire the man because you can’t afford it and hope he survives, or do you disobey the law and hire the man at $5 an hour so he can earn some money to take care of himself?

This is the kind of choices the government gives you. Do you do what you think is morally right and hire the man at $5 an hour so he can take care of himself risking punishment, or do you disregard what you believe is right because it’s against the law and let the man possibly starve?

Those are the choices. Most people don’t want to think about those choices, so they put it out of their mind. We can’t ignore this reality anymore. Laws designed to help people are actually hurting them. Unemployment is high, higher than the government is reporting.

This is another example of good intentions gone bad.

Good intentions enforced at the point of a gun are no longer good intentions.

Jury Duty

Everybody hates jury duty.  Me included, but jury duty is a powerful tool for freedom.  When you are on a jury, you get to interpret law.  Not only do you get to interpret law, you get to decide if the law is just.  You have that right.  For instance, if you’re sitting on a jury and someone is being prosecuted for a victimless crime, even if the prosecutor has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the person violated whatever statute they allege, but you don’t believe they should be sentenced for whatever crime the government said they committed, you can vote to acquit.  It’s called jury nullification.  Read about it.  It’s the last line of defense against the government writing unjust, arbitrary laws.

Follow up to victimless crimes

I imagine most people reading this are familiar with the Band Pussy Riot being imprisoned in Russia for protesting.  I also imagine that most readers believe that to be injustice and that Russia has an evil government.  I agree.  Russia locks up a lot of innocent people in their Jails.  Would you have the same critique of the U.S. Government?  The U.S. locks up more people than Russia.

Russia:  Prisoners per 100,000 = 502                                                                             United States:  Prisoners per 100,000 = 730                                                               (source:

How many wars is Russia involved in?  The U.S.?

Regarding protesting:                                                                                                          How many Occupy wall street protesters were arrested? (thousands)  How many Bankers? (zero to my knowledge)

Do you still believe the government works for you?  Represents you?  Protects you?

School tyranny and indoctrination

Idaho Statute 33-202 School Attendance Compulsory.  Are we nothing more than serfs? Peasants? Subjects?  Is the Government our Lord and Master?  This statute states with no uncertainty that you must educate your children in a way the government approves.  You may not refuse.  I don’t want anyone to misunderstand me or let other people make false accusations against me.  I am a believer in education.  I believe education is one of our greatest endeavors as humans.  I believe it is a lifelong endeavor.  Good and right.  What I don’t believe in is government commands regardless of the intentions, whether they be good or bad.  The government does not have the right to command us in this way.  This statute says you must educate your children in the way government approves or you will be punished and even imprisoned.  I thought we were supposed to be free.  Freedom means being able to make your own choices without being commanded by another, especially the government.  Are we free?  This statute is in direct opposition to freedom.  It is tyranny pure and simple.  Good intentions turn to bad when implemented with the threat of force and punishment.

Freedom is an inalienable right.  What is the definition of inalienable?  Def: incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred.  Def: Inalienable right refers to rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else, especially a natural right such as the right to own property.  Idaho Constitution  Section 1. Inalienable rights of man. All men are by nature free and equal, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing and protecting property; pursuing happiness and securing safety.

“School Attendance Compulsory”.  You may not refuse even if you disagree.  You do not have a choice.  That is the opposite of freedom.  That sounds more like prison than a healthy learning environment.  Due to economic reasons, most children are, for all intents and purposes, required to go to the government schools where they are indoctrinated.  They are indoctrinated in the ideas of statism.  They are not being taught how to think, they are being taught what to think.  They are being taught to conform to society.  They are taught to be obedient to the state even when the laws are oppressive.  Their individuality is being driven out of them.  Those that resist the indoctrination are deemed “trouble makers”.

The evidence is there.  Wake up to what’s going on.  If you don’t even know there’s a problem, you’ll never know what the problem is.  You must seek the truth, it will not find you.

Why are there always fights over government schooling?  The current fight is over props 1,2, and 3.  The problem is with the government school system itself.  When it comes to education; one size does not fit all!

All oppression begins under the disguise of protection

The Constitution

I hear people talk about the constitution and what the government is doing.  The government did this or that being unconstitutional, and I agree.  The government wrote unconstitutional legislation before the ink was even dry on the thing.  Today, it’s just a given that congress ignores the constitution and just does whatever it wants.

So, I’ve got a question for you.  I don’t know the answer, it’s just something to contemplate.

Is the Constitution a contract?

I hear people talk about living in the U.S. as a social contract and other similar talk.  If the Constitution is a contract and the government does things that are unconstitutional, isn’t that a breach of contract?  I’m not a legal scholar, most of us aren’t, but most of us understand basic contractual obligations.  Hypothetically, legally speaking, when one party to a contract fundamentally breaches that contract, the other party is no longer obligated to perform under that contract.  That’s how basic legal contracts work.  So once again, is the Constitution a contract?  I don’t know.  It’s something for all of us to think about.

Follow up to Don’t let them touch the internet

In a free market bad ideas die.  Keynesianism, central planning, big government, statism;  These are all bad ideas.  They’re not dead yet, but they are dying.  Why have they lingered on so long?  It’s because there was no free market in information until just recently.  The internet.  Before the internet, information was controlled.  It was controlled by the main stream media; The big 3(then 4) news channels, the major newspapers like the New York Times.  They spoon fed the information they wanted you to hear.  They are economic illiterates and they had their own agenda.

Thanks to the internet, the main stream media is dying along with the other bad ideas.  Their viewership and readership are all fractions of what they used to be.  People realized they were being lied to or not getting the whole story.  On the internet people found there is more than one or two sides to a story.  The good ideas are winning, as they always do when uncensored, and the bad ideas are dying.

Never fear freedom.  Even when people are spouting lies and hate speech, the lies and the bad ideas always die when people have the ability to hear all sides.

The reawakening of freedom, real freedom is speeding up and spreading fast across the internet and around the world.

Don’t let them touch the internet

The internet is the greatest thing to happen in at least 100 years, maybe longer.  It’s the only place were freedom still exists.  The government can’t stand that.  Politicians are seething to get control of it.  They keep writing bills to get their foot in the door.  Fortunately, so far, most bills have been defeated.  They’ll keep trying.

Whenever they try, tell them NO.  Even if it seems “reasonable”, tell them NO.  If that doesn’t work they’ll say we “need” to install regulations (aka control) to “protect” you from porn, or hate speech, or cyber bullying, etc.  Tell them NO.  Eventually they’ll use the argument of last resort of a scoundrel, “What about the children?”  To that I respond that if they really had the children’s interest at heart, they would work to preserve their freedom so that everything they do isn’t banned, taxed, or require government permission, and everything they say isn’t censored or need to be government approved.

There is no reason on earth for the government to have any kind of control of the internet!

All oppression begins under the disguise of protection.

It’s wrong!

This article is going to make a lot of people uncomfortable.  Some, it’s going to make downright angry.  It’s going to do those things because it’s the truth, they know it’s the truth, but they don’t want to face the truth.  They want to push it to the back of their mind and not think about it.

When someone takes the property of another without their consent and/or against their will, it’s called theft.  When the government takes your property against your will, it’s called taxation.  Is there a difference?  When someone, anyone, even the government takes your property without your consent and/or against your will, it’s theft.  It’s wrong to take the property of someone who has earned it.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s an individual or the government that does the taking.  Taxation is theft and it must stop.

People say, “How will you fund the government without taxes?”  I don’t know and I don’t care.  Taxation is theft and it’s wrong.  I will describe another situation that was also wrong and hopefully this will let you see things more clearly.  In the early days of this country, slavery was acceptable.  Not only was it acceptable, it was government sanctioned, legislated, and enforced.  It was also wrong.  Fortunately, there were people who spoke out against slavery at the time.  They also faced questions similar to the one above.  “How will we manage without slavery?”  That question was irrelevant, just like the above question is irrelevant.  The fundamental truth is that slavery was wrong and needed to be abolished.  The same is true for taxes.  It doesn’t matter if the taxes collected are used for things you believe to be good.  The fundamental truth is that taxation is theft, and it’s wrong.

The world will go on and will be better off for ridding itself of institutionalized theft.